Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year! (give or take a few days)

I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating the turn of the year. I spent the evening with a few of my best friends and our husbands (plus the two newest members of our group - a six month old and a nine month old, however they didn't quite make it past 7 p.m.) I feel fortunate to still be close with my best friends from college and to be able to share in all their major life moments. Those babies sure have a lot of 'aunts!':)

On our drive back to Chicago, my husband and I wrote down our New Year's goals (I prefer strategic goals over resolutions, they set you up for success whereas resolutions tend to set you up for failure.) I won't spell mine out, but they include being a more active and engaged member of the community (our neighborhood association, philanthropic organizations I believe in, our church, volunteer positions, professional organizations and alumni associations) and living a more balance life full of meaningful work, more sleep, better conversations, and more timely correspondence.

I think 2013 will bring great things.

Since it's a three and a half hour car ride, we also had time to recount everything that made 2012 so much fun.
  • Instead of traveling the country/world, my husband is now working locally - woohoo! 
  • Graduated with my master's degree
  • Conquered the 'puppy stage' with Spud
  • Appeased my travel bug a little bit: Mendoza, Buenos Aires, San Antonio, Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Louisville, Washington D.C., Michigan and Nashville, among a few smaller road trips. 
  • Read a few good books. Favorites: Gone Girl, Middlesex, The Marriage Plot and The Glass Castle
  • Spent a ton of time outside enjoying Chicago and our neighborhood (one of my 2012 goals)
  • Took a few classes outside of grad school: photography, cooking, blogging
I really enjoy lists, so that was for my own fun - thanks for still reading:) On with a few of my favorite moments of the past year. 
Wishing Spud a happy first birthday
(Why yes, that's homemade dog cake.)

Waking up to this. Even if it was just one morning.

Leaning back to do this... and living to write about it

Enjoying many happy hours on our patio

Spending time at the dog beach with my two guys

Eating the best BBQ ever with the fam outside of Austin

Wandering around Chicago

Welcoming fall in Michigan

Celebrating a family wedding
Freezing at the Zoo Lights

Laughing when coming home to this

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