Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Cheer Bucket List Update

I think I may have tried to pack too much into December with my Holiday Cheer Bucket List! However, I'm pretty impressed with myself and the amount I've been able to check off the list so far.

1. Visit the Christkindl Market, drink spiced wine, eat strudel, and buy glass ornaments I halfway completed this. I did go to the Christkindl Market --- however, it was during my lunch break, so spiced wine and strudel was not happening. However, I did buy a potato-shaped Christmas ornament for Spud and a boned-shaped ornament to put with his walker's gift!

2. Walk through the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights Done and done. Even got to finally see the baby gorilla!

3. Make spiced wine I made spiced cider with mulling spices... I think that counts:)

4. Throw a holiday dinner (or three) Two down, one to go! I hosted a dinner for nine (John's family), a dinner for 12, and tomorrow night I'm hosting a small family Christmas dinner for five (as long as my parents are able to make it into Chicago with all this snow we're having.)

5. Pick out and buy a real Christmas tree YES! Here's proof. Let me tell you, it has really upped the holiday cheer factor at our house. Unfortunately it is getting a little dry and the thought of taking it down seems to be a daunting and messy task.

6. Make peanut brittle or toffee I've made snickerdoodles twice, pumpkin bread, red velvet cookies, a pumpkin pie, and apple crisp. For the sake of my waistline, I'm marking this one as done.

7. Watch Love Actually -- Why is this not on on demand or instant Netflix?

8. Watch It's a Wonderful Life -- This weekend, I promise.

9. Buy Spud a Christmas sweater Changed my mind on this and went with a Santa hat.

10. Build fires Yes! We've had many thanks to my husband.

11. Drink hot chocolate Instant... at work...

12. Make homemade pumpkin pie Did this last night!

13. Make homemade apple pie Does apple crisp count? I think yes.

14. See a holiday show (Christmas Carol, Nutcracker, etc.) -- Still working on it...

15. Go to a Christmas concert

16. Send cards to family and friends Done!

17. Start our own Christmas traditions

18. Play in the snow! -- So far, no opportunities, but I think tomorrow will be my chance.

19. Adopt a family Done! Did this with a group at work.

20. Ride the holiday train (This may be tricky now that I primarily take the bus. But waiting in the freezing cold to commute home and having the holiday train appear with its clean seats, festive music and Santa really makes my week.) I'm giving up. Catching it is a Christmas miracle!

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