Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Holiday Cheer Bucket List

Happy December 1.

I feel like as I get older, time keeps moving faster and faster. I don't quite know where November went. I still get surprised when the elevator 'news' posts 31 degrees in the morning. (Wasn't it 80 like, yesterday?) I love the holiday season and in an effort to not let it pass by too quickly, I'm making a Holiday Cheer to do list.

1. Visit the Christkindl Market, drink spiced wine, eat strudel, and buy glass ornaments
2. Walk through the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights
3. Make spiced wine
4. Throw a holiday dinner (or three)
5. Pick out and buy a real Christmas tree
6. Make peanut brittle or toffee
7. Watch Love Actually
8. Watch It's a Wonderful Life
9. Buy Spud a Christmas sweater
10. Build fires
11. Drink hot chocolate
12. Make homemade pumpkin pie
13. Make homemade apple pie
14. See a holiday show (Christmas Carol, Nutcracker, etc.)
15. Go to a Christmas concert
16. Send cards to family and friends
17. Start our own Christmas traditions
18. Play in the snow!
19. Adopt a family
20. Ride the holiday train (This may be tricky now that I primarily take the bus. But waiting in the freezing cold to commute home and having the holiday train appear with its clean seats, festive music and Santa really makes my week.)

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