Monday, June 3, 2013

20 week recap

This was a pretty busy week for us baby-wise. On Wednesday, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound appointment (the "big one"). We knew we wanted to find out the baby's gender and could. not. wait. We had a student work with us for most of the ultrasound. She was great and took all of the baby's measurements, made sure everything was in working order, etc. Unfortunately, since we had a student running the majority of the appointment, we had to wait until after the entire (one hour!) ultrasound for the sonographer to come in and give us the boy or girl news.

After a lot of suspense...

Baby's right foot -- this shot took a full 20 minutes to get:)


On Friday, we headed up to Lake Geneva for John's annual work celebration. It was a great weekend - the weather ended up being nice and I actually found a few maternity dresses that were cocktail-attire appropriate. On Saturday, John played golf while I got my first prenatal massage and spent some time by the Grand Geneva pool. Nice and relaxing.

We headed back on Sunday and somehow ended up at Pottery Barn Kids where I got to confirm a few of my registry choices, then the hardware store to pick out matching paint samples. Operation baby room is officially underway!

In other news, the Blackhawks won last night - which made John happy and therefore made me happy. And I am making headway eating the rest of John's birthday ice cream cake in our freezer (someone has to do it.)

Now back to it. Happy Monday.

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